Sermon Application

What does it mean to gather one-to-one for sermon application? Simple—listen to the preaching at your church, and then meet with another member and talk about it!

Follow the links below to learn all about Gathering One2One for Sermon Application.

Be An Expositional Listener!

What kind of preaching builds churches and equips Christians for ministry? And how should Christians listen to such preaching? The Bible tells us.

How Do I Gather For Sermon Application?

Here’s what to do at the Sunday service before you meet, and then what to do as you gather one-to-one for application.

Going Deeper with Sermon Listening

Sermon listening is a central part of the Christian life, and so why not learn more about it? Here’s a couple short and invaluable resources.

Gathering One2One Ministry Guides

Want to get started? Download our free 45-page Ministry Guide for Sermon Application,  as well as others for Prayer and Bible Reading, for printing or electronic reading. In each Ministry Guide you’ll learn all about the Gathering One2One concept and how to get started in one-to-one ministry with another believer!

Gathering One2One Study Outlines

Meeting to talk about the sermon with another believer? Download a free one-page (double-sided) outline for your Sermon Application meeting in multiple formats–as well as outlines for Prayer and Bible Reading!