About Gathering One2One

Designed for every Christian, Gathering One2One is easy to read and simple to use. And since its focus is on the foundations of Christian discipleship–listening to preaching, talking to God, and reading the Scriptures–it can be used immediately by any Christian or church, with no need to plan a new program or run a complicated ministry. Even more, all Gathering One2One resources are available as free downloads,  in both electronic and print-friendly formats.

Want to know more about Gathering One2One? Follow the links below and learn all about it!

What Is Gathering One2One?

The vision and biblical background for this approach to discipleship.

Why Gathering One2One?

Some advantages and benefits of meeting in pairs or threes to help each other follow Jesus.

Can I Do One2One Ministry?

Not sure you can minister to others? If you’re a member of a local church, you can, and here’s why!

Who Should I Gather With One2One?

Thinking about meeting with someone? Here’s who you should look for in order to help each other grow.

How Do I Start Gathering One2One?

If you’re ready to start, here’s what to do before you meet, and an outline for your first session.