Imagine every member of your church was a minister.

That’s what Gathering One2One is all about. It’s a discipleship project, written to equip ordinary Christians in local churches to help one another grow in God’s grace by gathering around God’s Word face-to-face and one-to-one for sermon application, prayer, or Bible reading.

About Gathering One2One

Designed for every Christian, Gathering One2One is easy to read and simple to use. And since its focus is on the foundations of Christian discipleship–listening to preaching, talking to God, and reading the Scriptures–it can be used immediately by any Christian or church, with no need to plan a new program or run a complicated ministry. Even more, all Gathering One2One resources are available as free downloads,  in both electronic and print-friendly formats.

Want to know more about Gathering One2One? Find out more here.

Sermon Application

Gathering with another believer to discuss sermon application is not only encouraging and convicting, but also simple. All you do is listen attentively to the preaching at your church, and then meet with another member and talk about it! Find out more here.


Gathering One2One for prayer is easy. Simply arrange to meet with another believer, read a passage of the Bible together, and start praying together! Find out more here.

Bible Reading

What does it mean to gather one-to-one to read the Bible together? Just meet with another believer, read through a passage of the Bible together, and talk about it! Find out more here.