Gathering One2One has been designed from the ground up to be accessible to everyone. Not only is it easy to read and simple to use, but all of our resources can be downloaded for free. You can even print multiple copies for use in your own church.

Besides this website, Gathering One2One resources include:

Ministry Guides

Gathering One2One Ministry Guides are short, easy-to-read booklets that are designed to help any Christian (of any age, background, experience, or level of biblical knowledge) meet with another Christian to help each other follow Jesus.

You can learn more about, and download free copies of, all our Ministry Guides here.

Study Outlines

Gathering One2One Study Outlines are one-page double-sided guides that give you a suggested outline for a one-to-one session of either prayer, Bible reading, or sermon application, complete with suggested questions and room for your notes.

You can learn more about, and download free copies of, all our Study Outlines here.

Other Resources for Sermon Listening

Listen Up! A Practical Guide To Listening To Sermons

Christopher Ash has written this very short but very useful booklet, filled with useful tips and challenging questions that will help you “take care…how you hear” (Luke 8:18). This is the best little book on sermon listening available today, hands-down! There are churches that have given copies to all their members. After getting started with Gathering One2One, we strongly urge you to find and use this book.

How To Hear Sermons

Charles Simeon was a British evangelical clergyman who died in 1836. In his massive commentary on the whole Bible, Horae Homileticae, he wrote this brief missive, Directions How To Hear Sermons, on the proper manner of sermon listening as a meditation on Luke 8:18.

Simeon’s Directions may be hard to find and difficult to read due to its archaic English, but a version updated in modern English can be downloaded as a PDF here.

Other Resources for Prayer

Praying The Bible

If you’re looking for a different way to pray than the ACTS method, Donald Whitney wrote this short and profound book which introduces a simple and powerful way to pray through Bible passages, especially the Psalms. It’s such an excellent book that we highly recommend you buy a copy and use it to help you.

Enjoy Your Prayer Life

Michael Reeves packs a great deal of insight and depth into this very short meditation on prayer. It is a very easy read and could be used as a devotional.

Other Resources for Bible Reading

David Helm’s One to One Bible Reading

In this book, David Helm argues for the practice of reading the Bible together and for a culture of such mentorship in the church, and gives practical teaching on how to do it. He explores several different ways to read through Bible passages with another believer. After you’ve gotten started with Gathering One2One, we highly recommend you use this book, especially as Helm offers other resources for reading different kinds of Biblical writings.

Several outline studies with Bible study questions from the back of Helm’s book can be downloaded here.

Knowing Scripture

It’s not enough just to read the Bible; you also need to interpret it properly. The late Reformed theologian R.C. Sproul’s book, recently released in a new edition, is one of the best beginners’ introductions to the interpretation of the Bible.

The Word One-To-One

A series of booklets by Richard Borgonon and William Taylor that take two people through the Gospel of John as they meet one-to-one. Available in hard-copy twin-packs or as free PDF downloads here.