Going Deeper With Sermon Listening

Sermon listening is a central part of the Christian life, and so why not learn more about it? Here are a couple excellent, and short, resources that can help you do that!

Listen Up! A Practical Guide To Listening To Sermons

Christopher Ash has written this very short but very useful booklet, filled with useful tips and challenging questions that will help you “take care…how you hear” (Luke 8:18). This is the best little book on sermon listening available today, hands-down! There are churches that have given copies to all their members. After getting started with Gathering One2One, we strongly urge you to find and use this book.

How To Hear Sermons

Charles Simeon was a British evangelical clergyman who died in 1836. In his massive commentary on the whole Bible, Horae Homileticae, he wrote this brief missive, Directions How To Hear Sermons, on the proper manner of sermon listening as a meditation on Luke 8:18.

Simeon’s Directions may be hard to find and difficult to read due to its archaic English, but a version updated in modern English can be downloaded as a PDF here.


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